Friday, January 6, 2012

Have you met the Lady of the Manners?

Good morning, my minions!  Today we have just a quick little thing, because I'm behind on homework and it's only the first week of school.  So, as you can imagine, a tad bit of focusing needs to be done.  However, I didn't want to leave you lost and alone, so I will tell you about one of my favorite websites to while away time on.

Is there a goth in your life that you would like to understand better?  Are you a goth that would like a little advice in how to navigate society and build your own little dark corner of this waking dream we call reality? Then, my darlings, let me direct you to the Gothic Charm School.  The Lady of the Manners will offer you her charming and helpful advice in all things spooky, in a gracious and sympathetic tone that (let's face it) I am far too catty to ever manage.

So go, read, be enlightened and entertained, and I'll see if I can't do better on Monday after turning in all of my assignments by their due date of 9pm Sunday evening.

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