Friday, February 17, 2012

We love you Nathan, oh yes we do...

I have said before that I am more likely to swoon over video game characters than celebrities.  This is still quite true.  Real people are disappointing - characters are not.  If you're going to fantasize about someone, fantasize about the person whose flaws are transparent and easily worked with.  Besides, no one wants to have sex with Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt.  They want to have sex with Jack Sparrow or John Smith, but since those people aren't real they redirect their fantasy to the actor behind the character (and are then upset when they read the tripe and realize that the actor behind the character is a real person who doesn't like them).

Anyway, as I am vast and contain multitudes and contradictions, it should go without saying that I have an exception to this "don't fixate on the actor" rule of mine.  That exception is Nathan Fillion.  I doubt anyone is surprised by this.  For those of you who have been hiding in a hole these last several years, let us examine Exhibit A from when Nathan played Captain Malcom Reynolds:

I have a strong desire to go watch more Firefly now...
There are not many women who accept the label of Geek who haven't had an urge to smooth out the good captain's rough edges in one way or another.  Still, admiring dear Nathan in this role is fine and all, but one short lived TV series does not propel someone out of the character zone.  What is it about this actor that made it past my barrier?

Because he's awesome.  He has a sense of humor.  He does goofy things like Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and the Swamp Ass PSA.  Beasty follows his Twitter and occasionally shares the posts of note with me, which have alternately had me laughing hysterically or feeling moved.  He doesn't live in the tabloids, I've never heard about him having intense displays of ego, and while I'm sure he's not perfect he seems like a decent guy.  If Nathan asked me to leave Beasty for him, I would be forced to give it some serious thought, but he never would because he's a gentleman (this is, of course, in an alternate universe where he and I have actually met and he would actually find me attractive).

So, there it is.  Confession time over.  Farewell, my minions.

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