Friday, May 9, 2014

This thing still on?

Good morning, my minions!

Yeah, so, I've been busy.  Truly busy, in fact.  Let me tell you what's been going on!

  • I have a new job!  (Yay!)
  • It's volunteer! (Ohhhhh...)
  • I finished my Associates!  (Yay!)
  • I still need to apply for graduation! (You dip.)
  • I have almost finished my Event Planner Certification (Yay!)
  • I should be doing my homework instead of writing this! (And like that, you ruined it.)

So, yes, it has been all the hectic in my little world lately.  Add to the above list things like my son being in track again (which is good, just time consuming) and my daughter having her own list of extracurricular activities like choir and (most recently) Irish dance.  And of course there's Beasty, who requires love and attention and video games.  Which is fine, I need those things too, I just can't give them to myself.  Except for video games.

In spite of all the frantic activity, I've actually felt a strange clarity recently.  I feel very clear on what I need to work on, where I need to be extending myself, and what I need to back away from.  I'm going to make an actual schedule for writing, and share it with others and encourage them to hold me to it.  I'm going to apply to an editorial position that I don't quite fit all the qualifications for, but I'm pretty close.  I have a plan for rearranging the structure of the household, giving responsibilities to children that are more than old enough to start taking them on, and then I'm going to let go and count on them to get their stuff done.  That last one is going to be particularly difficult.

This does translate to changes in yonder blog.  I think I'm going to make Adventures of the Gray Goth it's own thing.  I like being able to write about my life on occasion, but I also want to keep The Subculture Empire to pontificate on games, music, fads, geekdom, and all that.  Now, the more cynical of you will be thinking, "So you'll just be barely updating two sites instead of one?" but in theory that is changing.  Have faith, my minions.  Or at least, continue to be patient with me.

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