Monday, November 7, 2011

Delicious fluff and nonsense

Can anyone remember the first time they had hot cocoa with marshmallows?  I cannot.  I've tried, but all I can recall is it being a mainstay during the fall and winter.  Even when we lived in Florida and didn't really need a warm drink.  I remember it being something that equally delighted my younger brother and I.  I also remember arguments over marshmallows, but the details are a little fuzzy.

Now, my minions, this is vitally important - marshmallows are what make instant hot cocoa good.  The right marshmallows can almost propel it into excellence (though let's face it, it will never be on par with a good drinking chocolate).  I present to you Exhibit A:
Lean in close and smell the deliciousness.

Here we have an instant cocoa made with my new Keurig.  Alone, it would be unremarkable, but we have added the ever important marshmallow.  And not just any marshmallow - this marshmallow is a vanilla marshmallow made by Rubicon Bakery from all natural ingredients (you can find them at Metropolitan Market).  It's gigantic - I actually had to cut it in half to keep my cup from overflowing.  And it's soooo good.

If you have never had a bakery or confectionery marshmallow, then you have no idea what I'm talking about.  The difference is significant.  Granted, Rubicon Bakery isn't local and is produced elsewhere and distributed, but it's still a bakery.  It's not like the marshmallows you buy in the cooking aisle.  Those are good for making lazy fudge and not much else.  You certainly wouldn't just eat them, and while you could throw them in cocoa it wouldn't make it a remarkable experience.  Okay, I'm exaggerating about it being a remarkable experience, but it is certainly the difference between not bad and good.  Perhaps even great.  Or as great as instant anything can get.

So here is your minion assignment - find yourself a place that sells real marshmallows.  They can come in a fun range of varieties with various additions like flavors, chocolate, nuts, sanding sugar, the list goes on.  There's even a couple places online that make super tasty marshmallow wonders and will ship them to you right quick.    I've never tried them, but I hear Marshmallow Heaven and Madyson's Marshmallows are good.  Though, y'know, I can't actually recommend them.  So that is your assignment!  Now go!

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