Friday, November 18, 2011

They're less...abrasive than you might expect

So, we're still knee deep in NaNoWriMO (don't ask me how I'm doing, I don't want to talk about it) but I didn't want to put up another sad excuse for a blog entry.  So I decided to just write about something easy instead.  Today I am sharing with you what has quickly become my favorite web comic.

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things is written by Kelly Turnbull, whom the internet knows as Coelasquid.  The comic only updates once a week, which makes me a little sad, but I respect that Kelly is a full-time professional animator and that this is just her fun little side project.  The comic follows the adventures of a temp agency deisgned to help integrate ridiculously macho guys back into society.  The head of the agency is one Commander Badass (yes, that is the only name you get for him).  It parodies comics and video games, so expect to see Kratos, Sten, Duke Nukem, Leonidas, and many others.

In Kelly's own words: "Sometime this is a comic about macho action heroes. Sometimes this is a slice of life comic about a time traveling Navy SEAL single dad from the nonspecific spacefuture. Really, it just depends on how things were going that day."

Also, if you go into the "Extras" section, she has a handful of other silly comics.  My favorite of these is posted below.  I'm not posting anything from Manly Guys because I want you all to actually go read it.  Go, my minions!

Image by Kelly Turnbull.  If you don't recognize the characters, go play more video games.

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