Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Empress Takes Her Throne

Hello, my minions.  And so we begin another adventure.

I've attempted a number of blogs on varying subjects, and non of them have been terribly successful from a writing stand point.  I won't address a popularity stand point, because for many of them, that was never the aim. However, writing consistently works that I could be if not proud of at least mildly pleased with has never quite come into fruition.  Why do I think this project should fair any better?  I don't.  But I'm going to try.

So welcome, then, to the Subculture Empire.  Now, why would I choose such a title one might ask?  Naturally, there are many reasons.  I have spent a good deal of my life and social development on the fringes of a few different subcultures, taking what I want from each and leaving what aggravates me.  This behavior has led me to amassing friends and acquaintances that fill those various roles more fully than I ever did.  It's a habit I still continue to this day, hand picking what I like and gathering friends and associates that correspond to those things that caught my fancy.  Mine is a vast empire, full of diversity.

Beyond that, I'm not going to bother touting my qualifications for rambling on about whatever subject I choose to turn my head to at any given time.  Let's just stick with "because I can".

So here go.  Long may I reign.

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