Friday, October 14, 2011

Everyone hail to the pumpkin song!

There's something darkly promising about this time of year.  The wind has a bite to it, the leaves are falling, and anticipation trembles in the air.  Here in the Subculture Empire, there is one day that reigns as the most celebrated and joyous of all.  Yes, my delightful minions, Halloween approaches.

There is nothing that calls out the little eyeliner-and-velvet clad imp deep inside me like All Hallow's Eve.  Ever since I was a little girl the day has filled me with titillation, and not just for the candy.  No, it was never about the candy.  Well, all right, fine - it was a little about the candy.  However, the real focus was the costumes.  The decadence, the ghost stories, the graveyards robed in moonlight.  As I grew older, the idea of creatures dark and mysterious whom I would know better than to dally with, but would be irresistibly drawn to anyway.  I do have a bit of a romantic streak in me, and a painfully vivid imagination, so this enchantment with the season grew exponentially with time.

As I write this I'm fighting the urge to pull out my long coat, bundle up, and go take a stroll through Holy Rood Cemetery down the way while dreaming of vampires and haunted crypts.  I know, I know, so terribly cliched, but I can't help myself.  Of course, at this point they'll be closed up and the gate locked, so I suppose it really doesn't matter.  Anyway!

I will confess that it has been some time since I've attended a Halloween celebration that lived up to my dreamings.  I would throw my own, but I lack a sufficiently sized venue and the budget to do so.  I strongly feel, however, that this will not always be the case.  Someday I will have the venue and the means with which to host an event of such spine chilling promise and demonic decadence that people will flock to my doors.  From that point I shall surely take over the earth.  Or something like that.

I have decided this year to extend my celebration to the week before the big day by planning out a series of costumes and themed ensembles to lead up towards the final hour.  I think this will be a delightful project that involves absurd amounts of black, crimson, and purple clothing and accessories.  It is my intention to document this little adventure - perhaps I shall share it here and hope to inspire my minions.

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